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We adjust the services according to your needs. Contract for a minimum period of 30 days!

Optic Fiber Internet offer

Internet access services

Minimum guaranteed Internet bandwidth of 50 Mbps, dynamically allocated up to 10Gbps Metropolitan bandwidth up to 10Gbps. Main fiber optic connection. 1 fixed IP address. More can be allocated on request, free of charge.


Internet redundancy services

Backup connection via secondary BGP, with fixed IP allocation from secondary BGP. The equipment that automatically switches between connections is provided for free!


Installation of the fiber optic connection is FREE.

Only under certain conditions. Please contact us for details.


Installation, network configuration and technical support services.

Identifying the needs related to the internal data network, designing and designing a solution and implementing it.

Extra Cost

Permanent monitoring of services 24/7

Alerts are automatically sent to you, via email, with information related to the services.


Offer valid only for locations in Bucharest.

Please contact us for country locations.


Contract for a minimum period of 30 days

The invoice is issued on the last day of the month.


Free consultancy in the field of telecommunications within the limit of 11 min/month


We adjust the services according to your needs FREE
Possibility of NDA contractual clause (non-disclosure agreement)
We cultivate a firend-friend and/or win-win FREE relationship
Mobile Internet with 4G national coverage with unlimited data, of which 10Gb@4G, 1 SIM

With speed from 7.2Mbps up to 21.6Mbps! 3G modems are provided for FREE!

99.85% minimum service uptime guarantee


At the best price-quality ratio, 99 euros/month in case of purchase for 3 months. *all taxes included.*

note*: 1 wireless internet access is limited by the transmission power of the installed access point and the structure of the office building. 2 antivirus packages are limited in number, depending on the contractual period and the value of the contracted subscription. 3 IPTV television services are only available in certain areas. * Depending on the value of the subscription and the contractual period. *The price includes only guaranteed 5Mbps internet access. 4 A stable internet connection and possibly an installed program is required.

4G offer

SOHO internet access services

Dynamically allocated internet and metropolitan bandwidth, up to 150Mbps! 1 dynamic IP address, UNLIMITED traffic!


Support connecting a DVR (P2P/cloud) for remote access, from your phone!

Installation and configuration not included

Router internet WiFi

Your Equipment Installation and Setup Free! Equipment in custody, so no payment.

101 ron

Setting up the connection, i.e. positioning the router and turning it on

No cables are required, or the inconvenience of installing a wired connection


National coverage can be tested where there is a weak GSM signal.

Se poate da spre testare acolo unde există semnal slab GSM.


The data SIM also has unlimited voice/sms services

If you run out of SIM, you can use ours without worry.


Wireless router b/g/nA/C, with built-in 'zigbee' mode

You can 'build a smart house' around it. Sockets, sensors, lights, unlimited possibilities!

Cost extra

Integration with smart home protection systems, PREMIUM, from AJAX.

Mail a lot of information to the phone.

Cost extra

System of injecting the internet into the house's power system, through sockets.

In this way, there is no need for wiring work.

Cost extra

Internet redundancy services

Servicul poate fi folosit și ca backup la providerul actual. Consultanță free în limita a 20min.


Network installation and configuration services

Identifying existing network cables and modifying them to support the new configuration.

Cost extra

95% guaranteed SLA - minimum service uptime guarantee


Network installation and configuration services

Free service for hosting a domain, 1Gb space limit, with 5 email addresses, with space within the limit of 1Gb, all. Limited number of emails sent per day. Please ask for the offer for UNLIMITED number of emails per day. Migration services from an existing provider and/or costs related to domain.ro/com/etc are not included.


At the best value for money, from 59 RON/month

*all taxes included.

Hosting services

*Migration services are not included and are charged at 27.5 euros/hour.

*Normally the migration takes about 1-2 hours, but not always.

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