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Dainet offers you a complete package of telecommunications services, permanent availability and flexibility, but also experience in implementing customized solutions, tailored to your company's needs.

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We evaluate the technical communication needs of your company and offer the most suitable solution at a fair price.

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About us

Dainet is a young company made up of entrepreneurial leaders with over 10 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and quick adaptability to new technologies, oriented towards the business segment where the need for quality and uninterrupted services is vital. We believe that the development of a strong company must be based primarily on reliable partners, able to adapt and innovate.

For many companies, the accelerated expansion known by the Internet and the facilities it brings is both an opportunity to acquire and implement new technologies, as well as to rethink certain outdated processes, so that they keep up with the best practices and optimize costs.

In this context, Dainet assumes the role of providing and managing your communication needs, through which the business of the company can thrive. We believe that beyond the training of the technical team, the ability of our sales colleagues to analyze and offer a package of services, what differentiates us is not only the desire to demonstrate that we have solutions but also that they are the most suitable under flexible contractual conditions short or long term so that when your requirements change, you can make any necessary changes in a very short time.

Our Services

At the best value for money, starting from 74 euros/month

*all taxes included. keep in mind that we are not VAT payers. Only internet access service with guaranteed 5Mbps and 100Mbps metro

How many times have you waited even a few days for the problem to be fixed?

• Have you ever wasted time waiting for someone to take your request or been transferred from one person to another until you get to the one who can really help you?

• How many times did it not happen that when you needed the Internet, when an important deadline was knocking at the door, or you were waiting for an important file, you were left without the Internet?

• Have you tried together with the representative of the telecommunications service company to evaluate and find cost optimization solutions? We are convinced that you have faced such problems. We have solutions to them. You just have to contact us. Dainet offers you a complete service package, permanent availability and flexibility, but also experience in implementing customized solutions, able to meet the needs of your company.

Data services

Internet access solutions, data transport, VPN, rental of fiber optic sections


Control Panel access, Firewall, automatic backup, SPAM filter, antivirus, unlimited traffic


Independent servers or virtual servers

Internet redundancy services

Mediile folosite pot fi fibră optică sau cel mobil

Guaranteed SLA

99.85% minimum service uptime guarantee

Telecommunications cost optimization services

Comparative analysis, correct sizing of services

Wireless internet Router

For your company headquarters

FREE installation

Within 300m of optic fiber

Mobile internet with national coverage

With speed from 20Mbps on upload/download, not guaranteed, and up to 150Mbps! 4G/5G modems are offered for a fee!

Why choose our services?

Dainet uses FTTB (Fiber To The Building) technology to provide data communications services. This offers one of the highest connection speeds, broadband, scalability in the development and implementation of new services in the future, the guarantee of a connection speed, as well as the highest level of security.

About FTTB

FTTB is a technology by which optical fiber can be installed directly at the premises of the company to deliver almost any kind of communication service.


FTTB allows large data transfer capacities and stability over time, more than any other competing solutions, such as those using copper wires or coaxial cable, C/ADSL/xDSL.

Securitate sporită

FTTB also ensures the best security of the information transferred. This is the reason why this type of connection is preferred by government institutions, banks and companies that want maximum security in the communications used.

Technical support

The permanent monitoring system alerts us whenever there is a problem with the connection, possibly even before you notice, so we can start identifying and fixing the problem in a very short time.

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100% uptime?

Yes, our company now has a solution to this problem. Thus, we add a second connection as a backup, independent of the first, to every internet access solution, made exclusively through an optical fiber connection. The implementation of the technical solution, installation and configuration of the necessary equipment are carried out by our team, all without any additional cost to the chosen service.

Our customers

The result of the dedication of our team and the quality of the services offered, we believe that they are supported by our dear customers, but also by the longevity of the partnership relationship with them. We also thank them in this way that they are, that they were and that they will be with us. Among them were, or still are:

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